Creative cosmetics

to support any Brand wanting to extend its offer on the cosmetic market.

We conceive, develop and produce new lines of cosmetics, characterizing them with ingredients typical of the Brand territory.

Cristina Portinaro

Pharmacist and cosmetologist, from over 15 years she is studying and creating innovative cosmetic products, using the raw materials typical of the Italian territory. Cristina combines enthusiasm for cosmetic research with commercial pragmatism: “My Company is my unique and personal way of living the passion for cosmetics “doing business” with a feminine approach and ethics. I dream of supporting to promote Italian brands in the world and to help their consumers to feel more beautiful and happy, taking care of themselves“.

Cristina Portinaro


Our tailoring approach respects the uniqueness of each brand, allowing us to create exclusive and innovative products, optimising the investments and limiting the risks. We guide our customers through all of the project phases: from the product design to the marketing plan; co-investing In the ideas in which

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